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Jewish Wedding Books

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The New Jewish Wedding

By Anita Diamant
Since its original publication in 1986, The New Jewish Wedding has become required reading, assigned to engaged couples by Conservative, Reform, and Reconstruc-tionist rabbis alike. In this new revision, Anita Diamant, one of the most respected writers of guides to Jewish life, continues to offer step-by-step guidance to planning the ceremony and the party that follows -- from hiring a rabbi and wording the invitation to organizing a processional and hiring a caterer. She also includes:
  • A new chapter focusing on converts, non-Jews, and same-sex couples
  • Essential Web sites
  • All new art, with examples of ketubot, invitations, and other wedding paraphernalia
  • New poems and new translations of the seven wedding blessings
Complete, authoritative, and indispensable, The New Jewish Wedding is a must-have resource for anyone who wants a wedding that combines spiritual meaning and joyous celebration.

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Jewish Weddings: A Beautiful Guide to Creating the Wedding of Your Dreams

By Rita Brownstein
There is nothing more daunting to a newly engaged couple than planning their wedding. For Jewish couples, balancing religious and aesthetic needs can be especially tricky. Rita Milos Brownstein provides inspiration and practical advice in Jewish Weddings, a lavishly illustrated guide to creating a wedding that both honors Jewish culture, ritual, and tradition and reflects the lives and personalities of the bride and groom.

Beginning with a brief history of the Jewish wedding (including wonderful stories of barshert, couples whose love was clearly meant to be), Brownstein guides the bride and groom through the pleasures of the engagement party and Jewish bridal shower to choosing a ketubah (marriage contract), wedding ring, and invitations. She describes traditional Jewish customs and rituals, then suggests ways to personalize the chuppah, or wedding canopy; music; wedding programs; and even the chairs. Brownstein includes the joyous times after the wedding and gives the new couple tips on how to create a Jewish home and original ideas for thank-you notes.

Of course, Brownstein doesn't forget about food, with menu suggestions for an engagement party and a bridal shower tea party, as well as for the wedding reception and Sheva Brachas, the traditional week of festive meals following the wedding. Delicious, mouth-watering recipes for Salmon Roll with Dill Sauce, Green Bean Bundles, Potato and Leek Soup, and Poached Pears will please even the most finicky couple. Brownstein supplies tips on how to keep a kosher kitchen as well.

The book also offers glimpses of seven real-life Jewish weddings. From a jubilant outdoor celebration in San Diego, California; a dazzling New York City affair; a classic Hasidic wedding in Hartford, Connecticut; to an elegant affair in Palm Beach, Florida, these stories will inspire any bride and groom in planning their own wedding, no matter where they live.

Illustrated with more than 200 gorgeous color and black-and-white photographs, Jewish Weddings is an indispensable book for any Jewish couple.

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The Everything Jewish Wedding Book

By Helen Latner
In the Jewish tradition, a wedding is a lifetime milestone, a right of passage. Certainly, there are specific customs that can be followed, but which are the ones that you want-or need-to include in your special day?

The Everything Jewish Wedding Book includes absolutely everything you need to know to have the most wonderful Jewish ceremony and reception.

Written in clear, concise language by an etiquette advisor and the author of The Book Of Modern Jewish Etiquette, it provides detailed information for every type of Jewish wedding. Your wedding will be a special and unique event. Whether you are planning a contemporary ceremony or a traditionally orthodox reception, there are Jewish traditions from all over the world that will suit your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Covering both religious and secular details, this is the one source that any Jewish bride and groom will need to plan the perfect wedding and get you ready for the most wonderful day of your life!

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The Complete Jewish Wedding Planner

By Wendy Chernak Hefter
Great Wedding Gift Idea! This book contains many comprehensive charts and checklists covering all aspects of planning your wedding. It is designed to be written-in and used daily from the time of the announcement of your engagement to sending thank-you notes for wedding gifts after you return from your honeymoon. Jewish wedding traditions are listed and can be chosen according to your beliefs. Mazel Tov on your upcoming simcha!

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Mazel Tov: The Complete Book of Jewish Weddings

By Lea Bayers Rapp
Mazel Tov! The Complete Book of Jewish Weddings by Lea Bayers Rapp has proven to be everything I hoped for and more! This book is not only super-informative, but it's fun to read, and interactive, too. It gave my fiance and me so many great ideas and practical advice on not only actually making the wedding, but gathering the money to do so, offered us tips on how to save money, decide and find a rabbi, etc. I learned some solid facts on selecting my wedding gown, the groom's and attendants clothing, music, flowers, you name it. I was having a problem with my bridal party but no more. (How did the author know and solve my exact problems here?) But in addition to being a wedding planning guide book there are etiquette tips, quizzes (some of them so funny our sides ached from laughing). There's also some really interesting historical facts and customs. For example, I never knew that a Jewish couple actually marry themselves! My fiance and I have learned a lot about introducing technology into our announcements and the wedding, and also on the other hand, about many ancient customs. We decided to incorporate several into our wedding--and it should make it really interesting.

Since my fiance is reform and I am conservative, we were happy to find that various streams of Judaism and cultures are included, as are interfaith marriages (a few of my friends could use that part of the book). And best of all, there is great inside advice from experts, including a famous make-up artist that does TV stars. If I had to find something that could be improved, it could be that it could use some photographs. In all, I highly recommend this book. Instead of providing information on a particular aspect of weddings only, this sure does cover it all!

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Mazal Tov! The Rituals and Customs of a Jewish Wedding by Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire
An essential volume for every Jewish couple on the path to marriage, Mazal Tov! Contains the standard liturgy used in Jewish wedding ceremonies throughout the world. It includes blessings and songs, printed in both Hebrew and English, and description of traditional wedding rituals, from exchanging the rings, circling the bride, and sharing the wine to the reading of the wedding contract and the breaking of a glass. Also included are descriptions of the variations in wedding customs practiced by different Jewish communities around the world.

The text is illustrated with wedding scenes and symbolic decoration taken from illuminated manuscripts and Jewish wedding contracts (ketubbah) from the British Library's collections.

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Never Have Red Wine Under the Chupah

By Gail Mendeles Hay
Before you the book! Jewish weddings, particularly traditional weddings, have a flavor all their own. They also present their own unique situations; in addition to the photographer, band, florist etc., there's the Chasan's Tish, Badecking, Chupah, Yichud Room and Sheva Brachot to contend with. Although the cost in a fashionable synagogue can easily escalate into tens of thousands of dollars, by no means does this guarantee a perfect affair. Never Have Red Wine Under the Chupah is a book of great tips, hints and ideas that relate to every aspect of the wedding. It brings together the expertise of many professionals in the field, along with countless stories from brides, grooms and their parents expressing what they would do differently if they could do it over. Every page packs the powerful punch of a great idea which will leave the reader thinking over and over, "Yeah,I've got to remember that!"

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Seven Blessings: Our Jewish Wedding Book

By Rabbi Susan Marks and Bruce Black
A beautiful book for the bride and groom that conveys the importance of marriage and the home in the Jewish tradition, Seven Blessings: Our Jewish Wedding Book captures the enthusiasm and the reverence of the couple's experience and helps them compile an invaluable record of this most important event in their lives together.

This interactive journal is organized around the Shevah Berachot, or seven blessings, recited at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony. Elegantly designed pages contain questions to be answered and provide space for photos, mementos, and comments on the event and the institution of marriage.

The exquisite, full-color art by Marlene Lobell Ruthen and the informative introduction and quotes from Jewish literature by husband-and-wife team Rabbi Susan Marks and Bruce Black combine to create a volume that will be treasured forever.

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Loving Companions: Memories of Our Wedding by Ronald and Leora Isaacs
Marriage is truly one of the most joyous occasions in a person's life. For the Jewish couple, it represents the quintessential Jewish experience, encompassing religious ritual and traditions, creativity, and a vital link between the Jewish past and future.

Loving Companions: Our Jewish Wedding Album focuses on capturing all of the cherished memories that make a special couple's relationship unique: the first meeting, courtship, betrothal, wedding ceremony, and the first year of marriage. Its fill-in-the-blank format allows couples to record pertinent information, share personal histories, and explore their hopes and dreams for the future. There are places throughout the book for them to attach copies of important documents (the ketubah and marriage license, for instance), mementos, and precious photographs.

Woven throughout the sections in Loving Companions are passages from the Bible, Midrash, and other traditional sources about love and marriage, explanations of Jewish wedding customs and ceremonies, and illustrations from Jewish art and literature. It is the authors' hope that after reading about these traditions, couples will be eager to incorporate many of them into their own marriages.

As couples complete each section of this volume, they will strengthen the lines of communication that provide a strong foundation for a fulfilling and lasting marriage. Loving Companions is certain to become a beloved family heirloom and treasured reminder of happy days.

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Under the Wedding Canopy: Love and Marriage in Judaism by David and Esther Gross
A comprehensive new book delineating the wide range of customs, ceremonies, traditions and practices that have become part of the Jewish heritage for nearly four thousand years. This is a sensitive, insightful, carefully-researched look at Judaism's most important rite of passage. David C. Gross has spent many years - along with his co-author and wife - assembling material that will throw new light on the vast, complex world of Jewish marriages. Among the topics covered are marriage in biblical, medieval, and modern times; the legal aspects of the wedding ceremony; and selected marriage-focused Jewish legends and folktales - with a special emphasis on the closing years of the twentieth century in America.

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Mazel Tov!: Jewish Wedding Favorites

Song List:
  1. Tradition
  2. Matchmaker, Matchmaker
  3. To Life (L'Chaim)
  4. Miracle of Miracles
  5. Sunrise, Sunset
  6. Hava Nagila
  7. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
  8. And The Angels Sing
  9. Second Avenue Serenade
  10. Raisins and Almonds
  11. My Yiddishe Momme
  12. Joseph! Joseph!
  13. Freilach
  14. Dona Dona
  15. Mazel
  16. Abi Gezunt
  17. Medley: Sunrise, Sunset/Hava Netze B'Machol/Rad Halailah

The Jewish Wedding Album

By Nancy Enslin & Deborah Benardot

Song List:
  1. Ana Dodi
  2. Ani l'Dodi
  3. Erev Shel Shoshanim
  4. Jerusalem of Gold
  5. Shalom Rav
  6. Laila, Laila
  7. Bashana Haba'ah
  8. Canon in D [Classical]
  9. On Wings of Song [Classical]
  10. Menuet [Classical]
  11. Sunrise, Sunset
  12. Time for Us [Love Theme] (Romeo and Juliet)
  13. Wind Beneath My Wings
  14. I Will Always Love You
  15. Unchained Melody [From Ghost]
  16. Endless Love
  17. Somewhere in Time
  18. Erev Ba Processional
  19. Dodi Li Processional
  20. Hymne Processional
  21. Trumpet Voluntary Processional
  22. Simon Tov (Recessional) [Hassidic Melody]
  23. Od Yishama (Recessional)
  24. Trumpet Tune (Recessional)

Real Complete Jewish Wedding & Party

By David & High Spirit

Song List:

Disc 1:
  1. Bedekin & Tish: Yedid Nefesh
  2. Bedekin & Tish: Erev Shel Shoshanim (Instrumental)
  3. Bedekin & Tish: Erev Ba
  4. Bedekin & Tish: Al Kol Eleh
  5. Bedekin & Tish: Yasis
  6. Bedekin & Tish: Od Yishama
  7. Ceremony- Chupa: Erev Shel Shoshanim (Vocal)
  8. Ceremony- Chupa: Dodi Li
  9. Ceremony- Chupa: Libavtini
  10. Ceremony- Chupa: Ma Naa Vu
  11. Seven Blessings: Oyfen Prepichik
  12. Seven Blessings: Almonds & Raisins
  13. Seven Blessings: On The Road
  14. High Priest Blessing: Birkat Cohanim
  15. Processional: (After The Breaking Of The Glass) Siman Tov, Mazel Tov
  16. Processional: (After The Breaking Of The Glass) Mazel Tov
  17. Horas & Chairs: Od Yishama
  18. Horas & Chairs: Siman Tov
  19. Horas & Chairs: Mazel Tov
  20. Horas & Chairs: Sheralah
  21. Horas & Chairs: Bashana Haba'ah
  22. Horas & Chairs: Mayim Dance
  23. Horas & Chairs: Yasis
  24. Horas & Chairs: Oseh Shalom
  25. Horas & Chairs: Havah Nagilah
  26. Horas & Chairs: Keytzad Merakdim
  27. Horas & Chairs: Yerashalayim
  28. Horas & Chairs: Mashiach
  29. Horas & Chairs: Hevenu Shalom
  30. Mezinka: (Special Dance For Parents Who Marry Their Last Child)
  31. Music For Toast: Le'Chaim - To Life
  32. Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance: Sunrise Sunset

Disc 2:
  1. Sing Along: Hine Ma Tov
  2. Sing Along: Tumbalalayka
  3. Folk & Line Dancing: Nigun Atik
  4. Folk & Line Dancing: Mizerlu
  5. Folk & Line Dancing: Pata Pata
  6. Folk & Line Dancing: Tzadik Katamar
  7. Folk & Line Dancing: Od Lo Ahavti Dai
  8. Folk & Line Dancing: Haroah Haktana
  9. Folk & Line Dancing: Zingarelah
  10. Wedding Anniversary Dance
  11. Grandparents With Groom And Bride Dance: A Yiddish A Mama
  12. Grandparents With Groom And Bride Dance: Shel Levune
  13. Jewish Swing: By Meir Bistu Shein
  14. Jewish Swing: When The Rabbi Sings
  15. Jewish Swing: Rabbi Elimelech
  16. Hamotzie: (Blessing Over The Hala Bread)
  17. Kiddush: (Blessing Over Wine)
  18. Grace Over Meal
  19. M'Zinka Tanz; Hava Nagila

Music for a Jewish Wedding

By Danny Albert & His Orchestra

Song List:
  1. Introduction to Ceremony
  2. I Love You Much Too Much
  3. Myim
  4. Tumbalaika
  5. Yoshke
  6. Broiges Tanz Hora
  7. Monte's Czardas
  8. Die Greene Koseene
  9. Polka Mazurka
  10. Danny's Polka
  11. M'Zinka Tanz; Hava Nagila

Best Jewish Wedding Music

Song List:
  1. You Are My Simcha
  2. Ma Tovu
  3. Bridal Marches
  4. Mi Adir
  5. Mi Ban Siach (He Who Understands)
  6. Wedding Blessings
  7. Mazel Tov [Medley]
  8. Mezinka Tantz (Dance)
  9. Od Yeeshoma
  10. Simcha Party-Disco

Kol Dodi: Jewish Music for Weddings

By Mark J. Dunn

(Sheet Music)
We are pleased to present the most comprehensive collection of Jewish vocal wedding music! This songbook features five complete wedding services, 29 vocal settings (mostly from the Song of Solomon) by such esteemed composers as Ben Steinberg, Debbie Friedman, Bonia Shur, Michael Isaacson and Max Janowski, and many folk songs of Jewish wedding traditions from around the world.

Includes favorites such as:
  • Dodi Li
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim
  • Arise and Come Away
  • and more.

    Description from Publisher

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