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The Kingdom of Singing Birds

By Miriam Aroner
A new king inherits a magnificent royal aviary in which dwell birds from all over the world, beautiful but utterly silent: "Treebirds and seabirds, red, green, and blue / Shorebirds and snowbirds, so lovely to view / From India, Arabia, the wide world around / A rainbow of colors--but alas, not a sound!" The king tries everything to bring forth birdsong--special gustatory treats, a jewel-bedecked mansion of a birdcage, magicians and musicians, witches and clowns. Nothing works until a soft-spoken rabbi gives the solution: "If you want your birds to sing, you must let them go free.''

Unlike many folktales which demand all-or-nothing faith from their heroes, this unusually gentle story allows the king's faltering trust to grow by degrees. Letting one bird escape, he hears its song. A few more swell the chorus. Finally, the monarch frees the entire aviary, causing a crescendo of music within the kingdom. Written in occasionally lilting prose with a few verse passages, Aroner's text draws on Hasidic lore about the wise and benevolent Rabbi Zusya. Haas's light-washed, often mystical watercolors sustain the mood, more meditative than venturesome. A philosophically substantial read, the book mirrors the simplicity of its main character.

Description from Publisher's Weekly

Wisdom Tales from Around the World

By Heather Forest
This collection of fifty metaphorical folktales and parables is selected with a global perspective and retold by a professional storyteller. Included are tales from diverse story traditions such as Sufi, Zen, Taoist, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, African, and Native American. Comprised of ancient plots both poignant and comical, this anthology contains simple truths, common sense, and the promise that we can benefit from past generations' experience. Wisdom tales offer useful insights into life's joys and sorrows. By metaphorically suggesting constructive strategies for living, these ancient tales resonate with a universal appeal. They can be simply enjoyed for their drama or more deeply considered for their subtleties.

Description from Publisher

Heather Forest brings her exquisite narrative style to fifty folk tales from around the world, including three stories from the Jewish tradition. While there are no pictures to enhance the text, children won't notice as they are engrossed in each story.

Lori's Description
Jewish Fairy Tales
Jewish Fairy Tales

By Gerald Friedlander
This captivation collection of nine authentic Jewish fairy tales is populated by angels, demons, goblins and an array of other awesome characters. Assembled and translated from the Talmud and a variety of other ancient sources, these delightful stories harken back to a time when religion and folk heroes were closely entwined.

The Storyteller, Vol. 1

The Storyteller, Vol. 2

The Storyteller, Vol. 3

The Storyteller, Vol. 4

The Storyteller, Vol. 5

By Nissan Mindel
Jewish stories are part of the heritage of our people, often capturing the essence of Jewish experience. The stories in this volume will provide hours of reading enjoyment for older children and teenagers. Parents and teachers will turn to them again and again when they are called upon to be storytellers themselves. The contribution of Nissan Mindel to the treasury of Jewish stories is inestimable. He has, for the past five decades, researched and presented to both English and Yiddish-reading audiences stories mined from sources inaccessible to the average American Jew. They cover a wide range of subjects: great Jewish personalities, the festivals, Jewish life in medieval and pre-Holocaust times, the Holocaust, and life behind the Iron Curtain. The world of innkeeper and nobleman, shepherd and woodchopper, spice merchant and gem dealer, comes alive to reveal to us the workings of Divine Providence or the events that shaped Jewish history.

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The Adopted Princess

By Dr. Marcus Lehman
Fleeing Cossack marauders, Rabbi Shabse Cohen (known to future generations as the "Shach") and his young daughter are separated in a forest. The child, unconscious and burning with fever, is rescued by the king of Poland himself. This is the beginning of Esther's life as companion to the king's daughter. Legends arise about the Jewish girl in the royal palace who remains devoted to the faith of her people, just like Queen Esther of old. Through a series of adventures, Divine Providence brings the courageous young heroine to fulfill her destined role. An inspirational tale of faith and Jewish pride.

Description from Publisher

The Secret of Success and Other Stories

By Chana Zuber-Sharfstein and Nissan Mindel
The theme of charity and kindness recurs in each of these charming tales

The Silver Rings and other stories

By Gershon Kranzler
Three young brothers flee the Spanish Inquisition. Napoleon meets the Chassidic master Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav

The Glass Blower of Venice and Other Stories

By Gershon Kranzler
From the middle ages to the colonial times these are stories to open ones eyes to the past while sending a message of hope and strength. Filled with awesome characters and compelling scenes.

Description from Publisher

Mother Goose Rhymes for Jewish Children

By Sara G. Levy
A delightful volume which contains all the cheer and sing song rhyme style of the original. Coupled with Jewish holiday messages and simple Hebrew words many pre-schoolers will recognize, and all will take to heart. Also included is a section dealing with everyday happenings in the child's life--toys, family and friends.

Description from publisher

What His Father Did

By Jacqueline Dembar Greene
This dexterously written, exquisitely illustrated picture book retells the shtetl tale of Herschel, the legendary trickster who gets what he wants by dint of his wits. Setting out from Minsk, the impoverished man is determined to journey to Pinsk with just a single kopek. By nightfall he has snagged lodgings in the town of Linsk, but has no money left for food. He confronts the innkeeper: ``If you will give me nothing to eat, I shall have to do what my father did when he was given no supper!'' Adroitly using folktale-style repetition, the story builds as the frightened innkeeper runs to the town's food vendors with her tale; each urges her to comply with her guest's demands and gives her victuals. Children will relish Greene's euphonious language, with the silly-sounding city names and the repeated tongue-twisting phrase, "There's a raggedy vagabond at the inn.'' O'Brien's intricate pen and watercolor illustrations in silvery hues of turquoise and violet capture both the charm of the village and the absurdity of its inhabitants.

Description from Publishers Weekly

A Giant Made of Mud

By Mark Podwal
Podwal relates a version of the Jewish legend of the golem that was inspired by a meeting between the great sixteenth-century scholar/mystic Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel of Prague and Emperor Rudolf II, who had a great interest in alchemy and the occult. The sophisticated and striking illustrations are most effective in suggesting the medieval and mystical Prague.

Description from Horn Book

Classic Jewish Tales

By David Sokoloff
Classic Jewish Talesis a delightful introduction to the remarkable range of creative ethnic and Bible-oriented stories which have enriched Jewish life throughout the generations. Readers will adore this collection of tales specially retold for youngsters as well as little listeners who cannot yet read for themselves. Included are stories about a man who tries to win a bet by angering a famous Rabbi; a wedding that is so joyful that even some Angels join in; how the true meaning of charity is found in the middle of a freezing winter's night; and how to help his son learn the value of money a father throws $100.00 into a river!

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Hirsh's Secret:
A Baal Shem Tov Story

By Sterna Citron

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