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Alef-Bet Yoga for Kids

By Bill and Ruth Goldeen
Kids can now learn the Hebrew alphabet through yoga! Using traditional and modified yoga poses, they can learn to create the Hebrew letters while also benefitting from the stretching and strengthening of each pose.

“Children are natural yogis!” say the authors. “They love to pretend to be an animal or an object or a letter. And once they have learned the poses, they can combine them to spell their names, act out stories and sing alphabet songs.”

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My First Hebrew Word Book

By Joni Sussman
Students and teachers of conversational Hebrew, as well as families interested in introducing the language, will appreciate this picture dictionary. Basic Hebrew words for parts of the body, members of the family, clothing, the house, school, playground, city, grocery store, bedtime, bath time, a birthday party, the zoo, the seasons, numbers, and colors are included. All are written in block letters with English transliteration and translation. Each spread includes a large, detailed illustration with the individual items clearly identified along the bottom. The color cartoon art is cheerful and contemporary. At the back of the book, a word list is organized alphabetically in English and includes the Hebrew words and corresponding page numbers. All in all, this is a wonderful resource. It's more sophisticated than Schlomo Peterseil's Fun with My First Words, more child-friendly than Howard I. Bogot's My First 100 Hebrew Words, and less intimidating than Heather Amery's The First 1000 Words in Hebrew.

Description from School Library Journal

A first Hebrew vocabulary book for children, this book includes 150 words used at home, in school, and on the playground, in Hebrew, transliterated in English, and translated into English.

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My First Yiddish Word Book

By Joni Sussman
Introduce children to the Jewish mama loshen (mother tongue) and open the door to their cultural heritage! The basic Yiddish vocabulary includes words for family members, objects in the home and school, colors and numbers. The 200 words are presented through bright pictures with Yiddish, English translation and transliteration.

A companion to the popular My First Hebrew Word Book.

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Alef to Tav

By Yaffa Ganz
An exciting, fully illustrated book on the Hebrew alphabet, with names, letters, and numbers in Hebrew and English; a big, funny, story-picture about each letter, Hebrew words for you to figure out, and a verse for each letter.

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Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary

By Marlene Goodman
The Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary, is a delightful, educationally sound picture book of more than 1,550 words children learn in beginning Hebrew classes. Presents pictorial definitions, accompanied by English and Hebrew text, under such categories as "Our house," "Our classroom," "At the supermarket," "In the ocean," and others.

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My First 100 Hebrew Words
My First 100 Hebrew Words :
A Young Person's Dictionary of Judaism

By Howard I. Bogot
This colorful picture dictionary includes one hundred Hebrew words and concepts, from Adonai to Zemirot, that define the Jewish religious experience for young readers. What makes this volume unique is its exploration of essential Jewish concepts, observances, and celebrations. Each entry includes the Hebrew term, transliteration, definition, and a full-color illustration.

The Hebrew Alphabet Stamp Kit

By Edward Hoffman
The kit contains 25 rubber stamps (22 letters of the alphabet and three Hebrew symbols), along with a companion booklet that illuminates the mystical heritage of the Hebrew alphabet and even suggests several meditative exercises. An exquisite gift and introduction to a beautiful spiritual practice or just a creative way to adorn packages and postcards, The Hebrew Alphabet Stamp Kit will makes all kinds of communications more meaningful.

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The Hebrew Letters Tell Their Story

(Reudor Doodle Family)
The Hebrew Alef Bet letters meet the Doodle Family in a wonderfully animated, full color adventure where pooches fly and camels water ski. Each illustrated page has an unforgettable rhyme which children will love learning and repeating.

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First 1000 Words in Hebrew

By Heather Amery
This is an introduction to 1000 common words in classical Hebrew. Arranged thematically, many of the pages show an everyday scene, surrounded by pictures of objects from the scene with their Hebrew names. A Hebrew/English dictionary of all the words is included.

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Agnon's Alef Bet : Poems
Agnon's Alef Bet : Poems

By Shmuel Yosef Agnon
These twenty-two classic poems, written by Novel Laureate S.Y. Agnon, are now available for the first time in English in this beautiful collection. Agnon's creation of a witty poem for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is destined to be a children's classic, evoking the rich imagery of the Bible and ancient Israel.

Alef Bet Word Book:
A Pictorial Hebrew-English Dictionary for Children

By Shmuel Blitz
Look, Mommy, a lion is an ari! And a lamb is kevess! See -- I can speak Hebrew!”

Children learn by seeing, and in this beautifully illustrated word-book your littlest ones will see hundreds of things in Hebrew and English. They’ll spend hours picking out the pictures and learning the names.

Before you know it they will have a Hebrew vocabulary of over 500 words! You’ll wish all learning could be this much fun.

Each page will transport your children to a new setting: Shabbos, the festivals, a shul, a forest, an ocean, an airport, the family kitchen, a circus, and many more.

On every page they’ll see an exciting scene with all sorts of objects, each one clearly labeled with its Hebrew and English names. Listen to them squeal with joy as they pick out familiar objects and ask you about the others.

In the process they will learn hundreds of new words (and so will you!) without even realizing it. They will come back to this delightful book again and again. Wait till Bubby and Zeidy see it!

The illustrator is an old ArtScroll favorite, with an uncanny talent for making the page come alive. The author loves and understands children -- you can tell as soon as you see a page. When you give this book to your child -- or favorite grandchild, niece, nephew, or neighbor -- you’ll be rewarded when you see the smiles on your children’s faces, day after day after day after day...

The illustrations are witty and captivating. The pages are imaginatively busy. The book is the one you’ve been waiting for. Your child will be delighted -- and so will you!

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Teach Me Hebrew :
A Musical Journey Through the Day

(Paperback and Audio Cassette)

by Judy Mahoney
Songs in Hebrew and English include "Are You Sleeping," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and "Hush Little Baby."

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I purchased this lovely introductory tape and played it for my son, who was then about 18 months old. He adored it, and sang along with it, and asked me questions about it - so much so that the tape just plum wore out! So I am now ordering another one in Hebrew, and one in Russian, too. I believe that learning language arts through song and interesting narrative is an effective tool - it's enjoyable rather than tedious for the child. The fact that the narratives are voiced by children is also very important, as I think children prefer to hear young voices just like theirs. Teach Me Tapes are a job well done! Wish I'd thought of doing it myself!

Description from Customer Review

Little Hebrew Alphabet Coloring Book

By Jill Dubin
Double page spreads each depict rendering of a Hebrew letter—22 different characters altogether. Each letter is accompanied by an illustration of a word beginning with that letter. Youngsters learn how to spell lion, house, camel, shofar, other words in Hebrew and then color engaging drawings.

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Hebrew Alphabet Stickers

By Jill Dubin
Entertaining, educational collection introduces Jewish youngsters to the Hebrew alphabet with 22 brightly colored stickers. Each represents a different letter and contains an illustration of a word beginning with that letter: inside the letter "zayin" ("z") is a "zuh-AYV" (wolf). For use at home or in the classroom.

Description from Publisher

This is a good deal for the price. If you need to make many words, you'll need a few books, but I made an album using the stickers as page markers for alef bet pages. I bought 4 books.

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Fun With Hebrew Alphabet Stencils

By Hayward Cirker
All 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet, from alef to tov, appear in this entertaining and informative little stencil book. These sturdy and colorful pre-cut stencils are ideal for Hebrew school assignments, holiday greeting cards, and a host of other crafts projects.

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Hebrew Picture Word Book :
Learn over 500 Commonly Used Hebrew Words Through Pictures

By Hayward Cirker
If you need to increase your practical, working Hebrew vocabulary in a hurry, this book is your logical tool. Even after I have finished studying each day's page, my memory continues associating each picture with its Hebrew name right on top of it. Throughout the day, I can easily recall each Hebrew word on its item learned that morning, plus those of previous mornings' study. This is much faster assimilation than just memorizing lists of vocabulary words. Am grateful to own and use this simple, effective tool. It remains a worthy investment, far above its modest price.

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Betman's Book of Hebrew Letters

By Ira J. Wise
With puns, jokes and ample space for one of any kid's favorite activities (coloring), Betman guides children ages 5-8 through the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter is introduced by name and identified as the initial letter for one or two important Hebrew words.

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The Alef-Bet of Blessing

Teacher's Edition Also Available
The Alef-Bet of Blessing is an illustrated Hebrew primer to guide beginners through the Hebrew alphabet, while providing the basic building blocks of Jewish prayer.

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The Rosetta Hebrew Explorer
Ages 6 and Up


Now you can learn a new language with the award-winning method used by the U.S. State Department to train diplomats. Proven effective by NASA astronauts, Peace Corps volunteers, and millions of students worldwide, the Rosetta Stone Language Library teaches new languages faster and easier than ever before.

We all learn our childhood language by associating new words and phrases with the world around us. The Rosetta Stone method replicates this process by presenting vivid, real-life images to convey the meaning of each new phrase. Instead of translating, memorizing, and studying rules of grammar, you actually learn to think in the new language. Vocabulary and grammar are integrated systematically, leading to everyday proficiency. It's the natural way to learn.

The Rosetta Stone Explorer contains 22 lessons for beginning learners with nearly 900 real-life images and phrases spoken by native speakers. It develops all key language skills--listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing--while its systematic structure teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without lists and drills. Includes previews, exercises, and tests for every lesson, with automated tutorials throughout the program. (Ages 6 and older)

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Vocabulary Builder:


EuroTalk's interactive flash card system is perfect for helping beginning students and children (ages 3 to 10) learn basic Hebrew language and vocabulary skills. Language games create a fun education environment, while the program's recording tool lets students record their own words and sentences. Instruction is provided in more than 40 languages by a talented talking tiger.

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Platforms: Mac OS, Windows 95 / 98 / Me
Designs for Coloring the Hebrew Alphabet
Ruth Heller's Designs for Coloring the Hebrew Alphabet
Even the youngest child can learn the Hebrew alphabet with this unique coloring book that features great big alphabet letters, their numerical equivalents, and a pronunciation guide based on familiar Hebrew words.

from the Publisher

Fun With My First Words :
Bi-lingual Picture Dictionary
(English-Hebrew Edition)

By Shlomo Peterseil

Russian-Hebrew Edition Also Available

56 Full color illustrations divided into four sections: Jewish Symbols, Let's Go To Synagogue, Shabbat, and Noah's Ark. Each word is also transliterated to English help parents who do not speak Hebrew.

This is a unique Windows Dictionary because there are cut out windows in the book that allow you to read both languages at the flip of a page.

Description from Publisher

Modern Hebrew for Beginners:
A Multimedia Program

By Esther Raizen
"This new introductory textbook is far-and-away the most interesting, innovative, and promising development in Hebrew education in America that I have seen. . . . Its strength lies in its integration of multiple modes of presenting Hebrew to the learner. . . . This variety in modes of presentation helps teach students the range of communicative skills they would need to function in everyday life in Hebrew."
-Daniel Lefkowitz, author of Words and Stones: Language and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Modern Hebrew for Beginners offers high school, college, and independent-study students a state-of-the-art learning experience. This combination text- and workbook is designed to be used with web-based audio, visual, and interactive materials to give students multiple learning opportunities suited to a variety of learning styles. This allows intense practice of all four language skills: reading, writing, listening comprehension, and conversation.

Esther Raizen introduces the basic concepts of Hebrew through a wide variety of written and oral exercises in this text, many of which link to the website's computer tutorials and short original films based on contemporary Israeli life and society. She emphasizes the spoken language, while also paying attention to various aspects of normative grammar, of the written language, and of cultural elements associated with Hebrew. With this variety of materials and the capacity for continuous updating via the website, teachers and students will find this book endlessly adaptable and highly suitable for self-paced training.

Description from Publisher

Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students: A Multimedia Program

By Esther Raizen
Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students offers high school, college, and independent-study students a state-of-the-art learning experience that takes full advantage of media technology and the World Wide Web. A sequel to Modern Hebrew for Beginners, this combination of text- and workbook is designed to be used with web-based audio, visual, and interactive materials to give students multiple learning opportunities suited to a variety of learning styles. The program provides for intense practice of all four language skills: reading, writing, listening comprehension, and conversation. Esther Raizen provides language training while focusing on a variety of general topics, such as geography and genetics, as well as on topics pertinent to Hebrew culture and Israeli realities. A dedicated website is rich with interactive tutorials, links to sites of interest that serve as virtual tours, short films based on contemporary Israeli life and society, and numerous interviews that provide listening and discussion opportunities. Raizen emphasizes the spoken language, while also paying attention to various aspects of normative grammar, of the written language, and of cultural elements associated with Hebrew. With this variety of materials and the capacity for continuous updating via the website, teachers and students will find this book endlessly adaptable and highly suitable for self-paced training and a variety of academic settings. Esther Raizen is Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures and Director of the Modern Hebrew Project at the University of Texas at Austin.

Description from Publisher

This is the follow on to Prof. Raizen's Modern Hebrew for Beginners. Like the first book, it uses reading exercises, videos, verb practices from the Web. However, she's made some changes that make the book easier to use. Vocabularly lists are now in alef-bet order. Units start with a reading selection and reading comprehension questions where before it could have been either the reading selection or a video.

Description from Customer Review

Og the Terrible:
A Comic Book Introduction to Prayerbook Hebrew

By Ethelyn Simon and Loren M. Kaplan
Og the Terrible is an entertaining way to introduce basic Hebrew vocabulary to young readers. Written with children in mind, Og the Terrible introduces 63 words commonly used in syngagogues and temples and includes an alphabet chart, page by page translation, and a full glossary. This comic book is appropriate for beginning students of all ages.

Description from Publisher

Og the Terrible Returns:
Og's Further Adventures in Prayerbook Hebrew

By Irene Resnikoff
This comic book builds on the foundation of the original Og the Terrible. It is best suited for students who know some Hebrew vocabulary and simple grammatical concepts. A running translation at the bottom of each page makes it equally appropriate for the beginner. Og Returns introduces 62 vocabulary words, all of which appear frequently in the Bible, and includes an alphabet chart, page by page translation, and a full glossary. Lively illustrations make learning and teaching Hebrew fun!

Description from Publisher

Og in Jerusalem

By Irene Resnikoff
OG's adventures in Prayerbook Hebrew continue with a visit to Jerusalem! Written with children in mind, the OG comic books are appropriate for beginning students of all ages who can decode Hebrew. In all, the series introduces over 150 vocabulary words, all of which appear frequently in the Bible. Each comic book includes an alphabet chart, page by page translation, and a full glossary. Lively illustrations make learning and teaching Hebrew fun!

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Ectaco EH200D English/Hebrew Electronic Dictionary
This thorough English/Hebrew dictionary contains more than 450,000 words, including general words and idioms, medical, technical, business, and legal terms, plus slang and expressions. The EH200D's 128 KB bilingual business organizer with telephone directory, schedule, memo, and anniversary list keeps you organized, and its port for high-speed data communication with a PC keeps you synchronized with your desktop.

A new-word recording function lets you expand the dictionary, and the Vector Ultima spell checker verifies spelling. Additional features include advanced word recognition, 200 popular American idioms, English irregular verbs, and more than 1,000 useful dialogs. You'll also enjoy an account manager, a calendar, a game center, a currency and metric converter, home and world time settings, an alarm, and a calculator.

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