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Hebrew Note Book : 12 Pack

By Romo Paper Products Corporation
These note books are specially designed for learning and practicing Hebrew script. Custom-sized lines enhance enhance the Hebrew penmanship skills of both beginners and advanced learners. Successfuly used by teachers in Hebrew day schools world wide.

Look, Listen, and Read Alefbet: With Alfy and Betty

By Sol Scharfstein
Preprimer teaching program is designed to provide children with a series of systematic Alefbet learning exercises that will enable them to acquire a mastery of skills for Hebrew phonic reading.

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Alef Bet Gimmel Dalet:
Ox House Camel Door

By Joel Lurie Grishaver
Alef Bet Gimmel Dalet is an inviting, dynamic, full-color pre-primer that students love to read and explore. Students learn the names of Hebrew letters and learn to identify them; they also learn stories about their origins, value lessons from their shapes, and how to find the letters in the real world where Jews function. Students build a vocabulary of Jewish living.

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Shemot Muzarim

By Shari Dash Greenspan

(Hebrew Text)
“Shemot Muzarim” (Strange Names) begins as a little girl dons her coat in true 5-year-old style by flipping it over her head, waves goodbye to her parents and skips off to kindergarten.

On the way she tells us that nearly all of the children in her gan (kindergarten) were misnamed by their parents. The names are strange, in her opinion, because they just don’t fit – none of the names match the children’s personalities!

For instance, Shira (song) doesn’t like to sing and Avi (my father) isn’t anyone’s father. Sweet, evocative illustrations by veteran artist Avi Katz explore a full day’s activities in this Israeli Gan from arrival through playtime, snack-time, drama and story-time, and witty word play in bouncy rhythm and rhyme by first time author Shari Dash Greenspan reveal the humor in these “strange names.” As the kindegarteners are introduced, kids will love finding them in the accompanying illustrations, especially the one child with the perfect name, whose parents knew exactly how she’d turn out.

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The Stuffed Aleph:
A Family Coloring Book
This light-hearted book promises family fun with games, puzzles, pictures to color, and jokes and puns to make learning the aleph-bet a laughing matter. It's the perfect diversion for a rainy afternoon or any time you want a good laugh.

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By Esty Wolf
A popular book of worksheets that teach skills crucial to reading Aleph Bais: visual discrimination, sound-symbol relationships, and hand-eye coordination, through exciting activities.

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Aleph Beis Workbook

By Ruchie Geretz
A beautiful new, fun-filled study aid for the teaching of the Aleph Beis, the Hebrew alphabet.

Jewish Artwork by Esky:
Children, Borders, Hebrew Alphabets
(Vol. 2)
Graphics include: Tzedakah, Mezuzot, Children's Hebrew Blocks, Siddurim, Smiling Torah, Children in School, Hebrew "Letter People", and more!

There exists today a seriously unfulfilled need for creative tools in Jewish Education, particularly for well made and effective illustrations of Chinuch objects and concepts. We are grateful to Mrs. Esky Cook for her devoted efforts to meet this need. Blessed by Hashem with quite extraordinary talent, she has dedicated this gift to the service of Hashem and the educational needs of the Jewish people. This devotion and these efforts have produced a series of books that depict Mitzvos and Midos Tovos in vivid and eye catching illustrations that will surely be of benefit to teachers and parents alike in the elevation of students and children of all ages.

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I recommend this series of reproducible artwork by the supremely talented Esky Cook. Esky has completed the monumental task of culling an exhaustive collection of wonderful clip-art, reflecting pure Torah values and child pleasing charm. The response of teachers, students and parents to this series is sure to be uniformly enthusiastic with people clamoring for more. All of us who are dedicated to providing our children with the finest learning materials possible to enhance their love of Limudei Kodesh and Midos Tovos are deeply in her debt.

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