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Birth and Upsheren

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Blessings :
Our Jewish Ceremonies

By Melanie Hope Greenberg
For a Jewish child, life is filled with numerous blessings, many of them marked by a special ceremony linking one generation to another. Greenberg introduces young children to the many blessings that they may encounter in their lives. Blessings will serve as a young child's first guide to the richness and beauty of Judaism's rituals as well as a lovely companion to Celebrations.

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Journey of a Lifetime :
The Jewish Life Cycle Book

by Rahel Musleah
Lead your students on a tour through the most significant milestones in a Jewish life. Whether it begins at a cousin's wedding, a sister's Bat mitzvah, or a grandparent's funeral, children have questions about life-cycle events. The answers are all in this engaging two-color volume.

Topics include: Brit Milah and Brit Bat, Baby Naming, Consecration, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, The Marriage Ceremony, The Funeral, and Rituals of Mourning.

Special features of the book include: Bible stories and mitzvot that highlight the ethical values of each life-cycle event, Contemporary photographs that illustrate each event, Interactive exercises that invite students to personalized each ceremony, A Comprehensive glossary that provides an essential cultural vocabulary, and "Something to Talk About" sections that suggest opportunities for class discussion

With this book, students will embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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The Book of the Jewish Life
A text on Jewish life as it is lived today with each chapter describing a stage or milestone of that life including traditional practices and modern observances.

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Baby's Bris
Baby's Bris

By Susan Wilkowski
Baby's Bris chronicles the first eight days of Baby's life as seen through the eyes of his big sister. As the family gathers and plans are made for the Baby's bris, Sophie is overwhelmed by all the commotion. In the end she learns that a bris is a promise we all make to help a new baby learn and grow as a member of the Jewish community. With glossary and explanation of brit milah (ritual circumcision).
Rosie and the Mole: The Story of a Bris
Rosie and the Mole: The Story of a Bris

By Judy Silverman
Rosie is jealous of all the fuss everyone is making over her new baby brother. He is getting a Naming Ceremony and a Bris - while all she received as a baby was a Naming Ceremony. When Rosie hears that the "Moel" is coming, she thinks that a real live mole is coming to do the Bris. She goes from jealous sibling to protective big sister and learns a great deal about a Bris, and what being a big sister means.
Baby Babka, the Gorgeous Genius
Baby Babka, the Gorgeous Genius

By Jane Breskin Zalben
Before the new baby is born, Beryl calls it Babka, hoping it will be a girl as sweet as Mama’s delicious chocolate dessert. When it finally arrives, though, Beryl is disappointed. Not only is the baby another boy (she already has one little brother, Sam), but he has a stupid name and is just a big dumb lump, not the gorgeous genius the grownups say he is. However, her wise Uncle Morty has a few tricks up his sleeve. With a little magic and a little assistance from Mama, the aunts, and some old baby pictures, their Uncle Morty helps Beryl and Sam see that some things are true and unchanging, like the sun in the sky above and a family’s love. Sharp and witty illustrations from popular artist Victoria Chess punctuate this easy-to-read chapter book about a unique and loving family.

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Beryl is eagerly awaiting the birth of her new baby sister, who she has already decided would be named Babka after her Mama's chocolate dessert. But when the baby is born, Beryl is upset to discover that not only is it a boy, but has the dumb name Zachary. When Beryl and her other brother Sam decide to make baby Zack disappear, Uncle Morty helps Beryl and Sam realize how special each member of the family is. Zalben does an excellent job at conveying the angst and worries of neglect felt by older brothers and sisters upon the birth of a new baby. The cartoonish drawings are well-integrated into the narrative. This easy-to-read chapter book is a wonderful story for preschool and younger elementary school children who are anxious about the arrival of a new brother or sister.

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 Peanut Butter and Jelly for Shabbos
Peanut Butter and Jelly for Shabbos

By Dina Rosenfeld
The famous Jewish brothers Yossi and Laibel once again work together to do a good deed. In this book, the brothers are anxiously awaiting the arrival from the hospital of their new baby sister and parents. The boys are worried that their parents won't arrive home in time to prepare for Shabbos, thus they take over and set a delightful Shabbos table filled with their favorite foods. Peanut butter and jelly was their choice for the main entree. The book exudes positive values. The brothers think and plan and share the responsibility of helping their family celebrate the Shabbos. Each brother uses his creativity to create the specialness that they feel is a part of their family's Shabbos experience. The book has illustrations that show effectively the strong emotions and temperament of young boys. Warm colors are used to enhance the sense of the family's warmth.

from The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

Here is a rhymed book for 3 to 6 year olds with Yossi and Laibel preparing for Shabbat and the arrival of their mother home from the hospital with a newborn... Shows how young children deal with a situation that is important to them.

Description from The Jewish World

My Baby Brother:
What a Miracle!

By Sylvia A. Rouss
When baby brother Daniel arrives, big sister Sarah Leah doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. Mommy and Daddy, as well as Aunt Judy, Bubbie and Zaydie, think he’s an amazing miracle. Sarah thinks her whole family needs glasses!

As the days pass, the house is filled with joy as family and friends stop by to welcome baby Daniel and prepare for his brit. Sarah’s baffled by all the excitement. What’s so miraculous about a tiny baby with no teeth who cries all the time? A miracle, Sarah knows, is when God created the world in seven days, or when a drop of oil burned for eight days at Hanukkah.

In this first volume of the charmingly written and delightfully illustrated Growing Up Jewish With Sarah Leah Jacobs series, Sarah comes to love her baby brother and realize what a miracle he truly is.

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Big Like Me! - A New Baby Story

By Ruth Finkelstein
Benny has always been a little brother who needed a helping hand. But when Mommy comes home with a new baby girl, he turns into a big brother! Will Benny find anything he and his newborn sister can do together?

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The Shalom Zachar at Nachum's House

By Beverly Geller
Nachum celebrates Shalom Zachar, a party given on the first Friday night after his brother's birth, with his family.

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What About Me?
Nobody seemed to care about the new baby's older brother, until his wise mother solved the problem.

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My Upsheren Book
For a three-year-old boy, his "upsheren" - the traditional first haircut - is an exciting event. It can also be an occasion for anxiety, which is why this book was conceived: to help parents prepare for, and reassure their child about this special day. The text's clear and simple style is complemented by delicate watercolor drawings.

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