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Artscroll Children's Siddur
Your youngsters are 4,5,6 years old. They are just beginning to daven and you want them to enjoy the "Siddur experience" -- because you know that if they love it when they are little, they will appreciate davening more and more as they get older and more mature. This Siddur was compiled by Shmuel Blitz, in consultation with master teachers. It has the basic prayers with which children begin their lives. The translations and instructions are on their level. And they'll be fascinated by all the "Did you Knows" and "Closer Looks". (So will you!) And Tova Katz's illustrations! They are lovely and enticing. They'll keep children coming back to this Siddur again and again. We know it will get heavy, heavy use -- that's why this Siddur has a strong binding and a stain-proof cover. If you have a child, a grandchild, a niece or nephew, or you want to see a big smile on a little face -- get them this Siddur. It is great investment in a youngster's future!

Description from Publisher

This is a superb choice for an everyday siddur for young children. Large text and bright illustrations make the prayers accessible to children. Bubbles filled with "Did you Know?" trivia and "A Closer Look" will further engage children to probe further into the meaning of each prayer. This siddur is geared towards an Orthodox audience, so egalitarian families may not be comfortable with pictures of women behind the mechitza. An excellent resource to engage children in tefillah.

Lori's Description

A Family Service
Simple poetry and full color pictures bring to life the structure and concepts of the Shabbat service.
Thank You, G-d!
Thank You, G-d! :
A Jewish Child's Book of Prayers

By Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler,
A first prayerbook for young children, with 21 traditional prayers in simple Hebrew, transliteration and English. Blessings for a new day, bounty of our food, Sabbath, and holiday rituals.

Description from Publisher

Haas' finely worked watercolors evince a sense of serenity, as though echoing one of prayer's purposes. The morning sun highlights the silhouettes of two awakening children; parents' heads bend in a sheltering posture over the children with whom they are welcoming Shabbat; the havdalah candle's broad flame reflects from the faces of youngsters transfixed by its flare. Children catching fireflies and decorating a succah are among the other tenderly painted images that frame the blessings and prayers, which are printed in Hebrew block letters, with a Roman alphabet transliteration and an English translation below. In addition, brief, explanatory notes often place the prayers within a relevant context for youngsters. This thoughtfully prepared book not only teaches the blessings that herald the holidays and that welcome and close each day and each meal, but also includes parts of the Mi Sheberach and the Kaddish, prayers to turn to as needed when a loved one is ill or has died or when praying for peace. There is surprisingly little duplication between this and Edwards' "Blessed Are You: Traditional Everyday Hebrew Prayers".

from Booklist

Gates of Prayer for Young People
Shaarei Tefila Le-Noar

By Kenneth D. Roseman and Roy A. Walter
Gates of Prayer for Young People fills the need for daily and Shabbat services in congregational worship and the religious school setting. Building on its forerunners Gates of Wonder and Gates of Awe, this innovative volume includes evening and morning services for weekdays and Shabbat, for young people between five and twelve years of age. You will be proud to add this beautiful prayerbook, which is enhanced by full-color art throughout, to any setting where children join in worship. The text is contemporary and gender-sensitive.

Description from Publisher

With All Your Heart: A Weekday Prayer Book

By the Minneapolis Jewish Day School
With All Your Heart: A Weekday Prayer Book is the culmination of a multi-year project at The Minneapolis Jewish Day School (MJDS) to develop a new t’filah (prayer) curriculum. At MJDS, students are taught that t’filah is a mode of expression in which we seek to explore the meaning of life within a Jewish context. It is a process where we grapple with and reflect on the eternal questions of living and our personal relationships with God. Students are taught concepts found in each prayer and how they are relevant and meaningful to our daily lives.

With All Your Heart: A Weekday Prayer Book is educationally appropriate for readers age 7 and above. The new English translations are intentionally written in a way that children and adults alike can understand and find meaning. All language referring to God is gender neutral. The Hebrew text is clear, bold, with a large sized font. Furthermore, close attention has been made in the way the Hebrew is laid out. Each line of Hebrew text is divided in such a way to reflect the syllable patterns and rhythm structure of the way the prayer is commonly recited in many communities. This helps the reader pause when appropriate and makes it more readable.

Description by Publisher

One Thing I Ask

By Rabbi Hillel Fendel
The Siddur, with its beautiful prayers, unique layout, and many customs, holds within its pages multitudes of secrets and little-known facts. In a challenging question-and-answer format, the author explores these depths, revealing a veritable treasure trove to parents, children, teachers, rabbis, speakers, and daveners of all ages.

Description from Publisher

My Siddur

By Deborah Uchill Miller
A hands-on prayer readiness book for young children. Filled with games and craft activities. My Siddur invites children to make their own prayer book. Easy steps introduce students to important Hebrew prayer vocabulary, the Shema, the basic formula for the brachot, and the principal parts of the synagogue service. Students will enjoy cutting out and practicing with their own Hebrew word cards.

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Siddur Shabat B'yachad: A Child's First Siddur

By Lee Bearson
Developed for use in a synagogue family Shabbat program, Shabbat b'Yachad, "Shabbat Together," is a child's first siddur. Written specifically for children ages 3 to 6, this booklet is an ideal introduction to prayer. The illustrated, coloring-book format engages children and lets them experience prayer visually before they are introduced to it orally. Perfect for"tot Shabbat" programs and for teaching prayers to K-1 students. Hebrew, transliteration, and English. Black-and-white outline illustrations.

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Leader's Guide With CD Also Available

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